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We all need confidence when we go for an interview. It does not matter if we have all the skills and know we can do the job. We still have those nerves in the stomach and the beating heart. Thoughts are running around our head. We are trying to remember everything we would like to say in the interview. We have all been there ūüėȬ†
Here are some ways to boost your confidence on the big day… that work.

5 Confidence Boosting Tips For Interviews



1) Research the company

So many people forget to do this, but there is no excuse. You can prepare yourself and spend 30 minutes researching the company. Many employers will ask you if you have looked at their website. They may what to know if you understand what their business is doing. Some may ask more searching questions.
Do your research so you are not stuck for an answer.
Not only will you come across as a confident person, but you will have valuable information. Do not forget, the interview works both ways. Are you a right for them? Do you think the company is right for you?



2) Organise Your Clothes Two Days Before

Yes, you read right. Two days before. You might think that arranging your clothes the night before is enough. But anything can happen. You could find your shoes are not as smart as you thought. You might feel uncomfortable about what you are going to wear and not confident. Or it has been a while since you went for an interview and your interview clothes are now too big or too small. 
At least you will have a spare day to go and look for this item without stress.
The night before the interview you will be confident in your outfit. Which means, you will have confidence in your appearance at the interview. You will feel comfortable and will not have any distracting thoughts in your head about how you look.

3) Take Your CV With You

This is important. 
You have already sent your CV when you applied for the job. It is easy to assume that the person interviewing you will have your CV/resume with them. But not always.
There could be a problem that the interviewer encounters. Their secretary forgot to pass it to them.  Or they misplaced it themselves. (Not great, but it happens). In some situations the interviewer may assume that you will bring it with you. That could also be a test.
Preparation is key. Make sure that you buy/use a nice folder and pop your CV in it and take it with you. You will look organised and feel confident.¬† In the worst case scenario, if your mind goes blank, you could also refer to it ūüėČ

4) Balance Your Conversation

When you are in the interview, make sure that you listen when the interviewer talks. Do not cut them off. When you answer their questions make sure you give clear answers, but do not ramble on for too long.
They are looking for somebody who is confident to make and hold a conversation. But when required, they can listen to their colleagues and be a great team-player.



5) Body Language 

In the interview, it is important that you look confident, focused and interested.

You can do this by making sure that you keep eye contact with the interviewer. If you can not hold their eyes and you start looking sideways, it may come across that you are not being honest. Hold eye contact as though you are talking to a friend.

Make sure that you lean ever so slightly forward. If you slouch in your chair, do you think they would employ you? They are looking for somebody who is keen and wants to join their company.


These tips will help you in your next interview. If you feel you would like to further your education before you go for your next interview. Check out the article below that will give you some ideas on how you can do that!





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