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Here is the Clever Fox Planner – 1 Week Review – Part 2 of the related blog posts. This blog post is a quick review of the planner and how I have found it to work in practice. Did it help me with my productivity and time management? Here is the Guide To The Clever Fox Planner – Part 1 if you missed it last time.

The Clever Fox Planner is Handy

The planner has become a trusty daily companion for my personal development. I find that it is easy to transport around and it doesn’t get in the way. It does not feel awkward when you are using it.

Easy Organisation Using the Divider Ribbons

The three different coloured divider ribbons are useful to organise yourself for your weekly and monthly tasks. You can quickly go from one section to another. This flexibility is particularly helpful in getting information quickly, especially if you are in a meeting.

Filling in the Planner

I was able to use the daily section of each week by updating the information the night before. This process helped to maintain focus on the essential things, and reminded me to write them in my planner.

Also, at the end of the week, I was able to check my weekly progress and detail any “Wins” or things I would like to do the following week. This interaction with my planner made me feel like I was on track and organised.

The Undated Planner

As mentioned in Part 1, The Clever Fox Planner is undated. It means you can start your planner whenever you want throughout the year. I opted to start at the beginning of April.

I found that because April 1st was a Wednesday, I managed to get a little confused. This confusion was nothing major and is probably just a process of getting used to the system.

Personal Development and Time Management

So far, I feel that the planner has helped my routine time management and is beneficial for my personal development overall. It will be interesting to see what my experience has been after using it for a full month.

Below is the YouTube video for the 1 Week Review, if you have not seen it already.

Part 3 will be a monthly review for the month of April and how the Clever Fox Planner has helped my productivity and time management. And if you missed Part 1, it is here! It would be good to hear your thoughts or questions. Have you used The Clever Fox Planner? Are you thinking about buying it?

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