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April has been an exciting month! I have been using the Clever Fox Planner to help with my productivity and time management. I have reviewed three key areas. 1) The planner’s suitability for time management. 2) Is it worth the price? 3) Is it a useful tool for personal development? So, here is Part 3 of the series, the Clever Fox Monthly Review!

Clever Fox Monthly Review – My First-Hand Experience

I am sure that everybody that uses the Clever Fox planner will have a different experience. I am quite sure that most of them will be positive. Here are my findings from my personal experience using it for one month.


The Planner’s Suitability For Time Management

The focus of the planner is time management. It can help you become more productive. This dedicated focus can be seen straight away in the “How It Works” guide.

In the planner, you can set yearly goals for important areas of your life. I could break these goals down into milestones and daily action sections.

What is great about this process is that there is a review section after each area. By reviewing after every week and month, you can adjust how you are doing things. This adjustment can help you be more productive and keep you on track to reach your goals.

I found I was able to reach mini-goals and could understand how they relate to the primary goal. Everything had a feeling of being more achievable. If I was not able to complete something, you could see it clearly in the planner. The fact that you were aware of this made you feel more determined to complete it. It did not make me feel frustrated. This concept was a nice change to other planners.

By the end of the month, I had achieved most of the monthly goals. The planner helped me stay on track. I felt happy with what I had accomplished. I even treated myself to an afternoon off, how is that for time management!


Is It Worth The Price?

In a word, yes!

However, there may be cheaper planner’s out there on the market. But I found the planner to be worth every penny. It is a planner that covers all areas that a planner should. It is engaging enough not to become boring as you use it.

If you divide the cost of the planner into 12 months, you will see the initial investment is well worth it. Purely for the gain of one year of positive productivity.


Is It A Useful Tool For Personal Development?

Personal development comes in all shapes and sizes. The Clever Fox planner’s unique selling point is its ability to connect with you.

As mentioned in Part 1, some interactive sections make you think! There are sections for gratitude and affirmations which you can use in your daily rituals. These areas are great to go to throughout the day and help to reinforce your commitment and goals.

The double-page vision board is incredible as it is not just words but a visual representation of your goals. When you have been reading and typing/writing all day, it is helpful to look at something instead. Also, these pictures are personal to you and resonate with you alone.

The following goal section details your goals in complete clarity for each area of your life. And the focus and mind map section squeeze your goals even further.

All this before you even hit the monthly and weekly planning part! And remember to use the stickers! You can reward yourself for doing something or use them to remind you.

So, a useful tool for personal development? Yes in bucket loads!


Clever Fox Monthly Review – Final Thoughts

I am always dubious of products on Amazon that have thousands of reviews. It usually signifies two things. First, the product does work as described. Second, the company has a customer service and marketing team that drives positive reviews.

The planner does come with clear instructions on how to contact them with any issues and encourages you to leave a review. This presentation is clever. (It must have something to do with the name!) In no way is it cheesy or over the top. It feels very personable and relevant, which is perfect PR.

However, all in all, the Clever Fox Planner is a great tool to help you with your productivity and time management. My investment was well worth it, and my positive experience can verify the claims of 1,000s of reviewers on Amazon.

If your personal development is important to you, I would recommend buying this as a treat for yourself. Enjoy the benefits of a planner that works!

Here you can find Part 1 and Part 2 of the 3 part series of blog posts. It would be great to hear your feedback if you have used the planner. Did you have a similar experience?

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