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You can start to move on in your life by finding ways to build your confidence. After a relationship, life still goes on and the world is your oyster.

According to Psychology Today, there are many different reasons why relationships fail.

You might have been with your partner for many years. And life can seem very different without them.

But you can always start by making “baby” steps to find your own life. Learn to live in a new and exciting way!

1. Look To The Future – Build Your Confidence

It does not matter what happened in the past. Who was right or wrong. What was said, or was done to each other.

You now need to start looking to the future.

Maybe that makes you feel a little afraid. After all, you are so used to having your partner by your side. Making joint decisions. Sharing inside jokes.

But you can change your life.

Creating a “Me” List

First, start by creating a “Me” list.

This is by no means a selfish act. By creating a “Me” list, is a recognition of yourself and how important you are as an individual.

  1. Write down all the things that you like about yourself.
  2. Think about the things that you want to do and write them down.
  3. Think about the important people in your life and write them down.

2. Creating The New You – Build Your Confidence

You don’t have to be like Wonderwoman, Superman or Batman. No need to fight enemies or save the world.

All you need to do is use your list.

Confidence Of A Superhero
  • Remember all the things that you wrote down that you like about yourself? Well, write them in your diary or place them on the fridge door. Remember to look at these every day and repeat them out loud – “I like… about myself!“. Build your confidence.
  • What about the things that you always wanted to do? … Nothing or nobody is stopping you. Only yourself. Save up and go on that holiday. Go to a night college and start a new career. Start your craft business. Whatever it is, start making your “baby steps”.
  • And the important people in your life? Well… remember why they are important. Love them and cherish them and make your relationship with them, the best it can be. These are the people that were there before, during and after your relationship. Recognise their significance.

3. Push Yourself

If you are looking for more direct action, there are many different things you can try.

You can start looking at your body language. Using body language gestures can help you in different situations. It can help you find confidence when you have low moments.

And if you want to take it to the next level, go outside your comfort zone. You never know where you might end up!

In Conclusion

The end of a relationship can be the beginning of something special in your life. It can be the start of something incredible.

Remember to use your “Me” list to help you build your confidence. And if you are ready for a challenge use body language and step outside your comfort zone.

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