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On those days when you feel down, you can use tried and tested body language skills to help you. But there is an alternative solution. Wearing the right colours to boost your confidence is a practical and fun solution, Read on to find out the three magic colours that make an impact!

A 2015 paper from a study in Australia, found that colour brightness or hue can affect you. The study used six different colours to monitor students’ learning performance, emotions, and heart rates.

The study found that more vivid colours increased the reading scores and heart rates of the students. Also, paler shades had a more calming effect than vivid colours. So, if you want to make an impact, you need to opt for bright colours instead of to paler colours.

But which are the best colours to wear?

Boost Your Confidence With Red

Boost Your Confidence With Vibrant Red

Red is one of the best colour choices to boost your confidence. Research conducted in 2017 and shared in the European Journal of Social Psychology found that wearing red made people feel more attractive.

The study involved 180 university students in Germany. The students had to wear a red or blue shirt, look in a mirror and score themselves on attractiveness.

The “red effect” recorded that most students felt they looked more attractive when wearing a red shirt.

Boost Your Confidence With Sassy Yellow

Boost Your Confidence With Sassy Yellow

It might not be your first choice for colour, but yellow is more than mellow! If you look at the colour spectrum, yellow is the most luminous of all the colours and is the most visible colour for the human eye.

So if you want to make a statement, be sure to wear yellow!

Colour psychology states that yellow helps evoke emotions and make you feel confident, optimistic, and self-aware.

Boost Your Confidence Wearing Black

Dress In Black To Add Elegance To Your Confidence

You might not have thought black would make this list, but it is a colour that brands throughout the world cleverly use. You want to add a bit of glamour and sophistication to your wardrobe? Then wear some black.

Colour psychology has discovered that black “is symbolic of mystery, power, elegance, and sophistication”.

Next time you have an important meeting and want to look the part, try out some black and feel the effect!


Try experimenting with the three colours above. Notice the changes in how you felt and how you interacted with other people. Did you find one of the three colours made you feel more confident than the other two? If so, remember to use the same colour next time you have a “low” day, so you can boost your confidence.

If you want to look further into yourself, why not try a personal SWOT analysis. It is a great way to determine what areas in your life are working and what areas you can improve.

It would be great to hear how colours have helped you. Please share your experiences at the bottom of this page. Also, don’t forget to care and share this article with somebody you think will benefit from it.

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