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After a relationship breakup, it can be hard to figure out how you can move on. They were the love of your life and you now feel broken. Everything in your world feels lost. You wonder how you can survive without them?

But all is not lost. Life does go on and you will meet somebody again. The origin of the word relationship dates back to the 1640s. When a “relationship” was a “sense or state of being related”.  When you no longer have this feeling and connection, you can feel very alone. But the important thing to remember, is that you are an individual and you can choose to move on to an even better life 🙂

8 Ways To Move On After A Relationship Breakup

Balance - The Leslie Link

1) Balance

Look back at the relationship and be honest with yourself. Was the balance right?

In all relationships there should be a fine balance between giving and taking. Of course it is not always easy to achieve this balance on a day-to-day basis.  We are all having to deal with the world and problems that come at us. There needs to be a balance between you both, in order for it to work.

It is great to be there for a partner and to look out for them. But check that you are not the doing all the giving … you are looking for somebody that enriches your life and makes you happy.  If you think back and remember  that you were not getting back, what you were giving to them, the breakup was a blessing in disguise.

Remember this for next time – get the balance right ! 🙂

Enjoying Your Own Company - The Leslie Link

2) Start Enjoying Your Own Company

It is very easy to become complacent in a relationship. You can end up spending most of your free time with your other half 🙂 This is great and is all part of being with somebody. But do not forget that you are also an individual and it is completely fine to have time to yourself as well.
Embrace this time, that you now have alone and find out more about who you are and what you enjoy. Read a book, go for a walk, pop down to the nearest restaurant and have a cup of tea! Do things by yourself. It is fine to have time to yourself.
Next time you start a new relationship, schedule in that time. Allow yourself to do things alone and enjoy your own company.

Complete Removal - The Leslie Link

3) Complete Removal From Social Media

You have broken up and you can see their face everywhere! Thanks to social media, they are on Facebook, Twitter etc.

Set an afternoon aside, grab a cup of coffee/tea and start eliminating.  It will be a painful process. But taking away those images of you both together, can only help you move forward quicker. It can feel quite liberating and make you start thinking of the future, instead of the present and how you feel  so sad. All those good experiences that you had together, will still be there in your memories.

Denial - The Leslie Link

4) Accept That It Has Happened

It is only natural, but you will be in denial of the relationship breakup. Try as soon as you can to accept that it has happened and that your relationship is no more. The sooner that you can Accept this is the case, you will find that your thought processes are different. Over time it will start feeling like a past event, instead of a raw real time happening.

Spa - The Leslie Link

5) Treat Yourself

You need to think about you now.  Sometimes a relationship breakup can come from out of the blue or perhaps you knew the breakup was on its way. Either way, you will have had a huge shock. So now it is time to give yourself some love. A relationship breakup can take its toll. Think about the ways you like to destress. Book that Spa day and have a pamper. Go on that special holiday that you have been thinking about. It’s all about you now!

Relationship Breakup

6) Take Time Before Starting A New Relationship

We all like to feel loved. To have a companion. For somebody to be there for us and for us to be there for them. But the best thing you can do is take some time before you commit to another serious relationship. We have all heard about a rebound relationship and it can happen to anybody.
Prepare for this. Promise to yourself, that you will not commit to any serious relationship. You will know, when the time is right. Rushing into something new, to feel secure and cared for, is not the best way to heal a broken heart. Enjoy your single time, to find out more about YOU again. Sure…go on some dates. But wait till you know you are ready, before you start a new life, with the new love of your life.
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Release The Emotion - The Leslie Link

7) Release The Emotion

It is ok to cry.
Releasing emotion is natural. Our society says that women are more emotional than men. So if a woman cries, it does not seem strange. But when a man cries, some people regard this as a sign of weakness. It does not matter who we are, we are all human and feel emotions. If you do not release them they are all caught up in side, like a knot in the stomach. 
Everybody needs to release the emotion.

Visualise The New You - The Leslie Link

8) Visualise The New You

Go ahead! Visualise the new you.

You can choose to be sad or happy. Or in love. You are completely in charge of the new you. Visualise the new you and how you want to be in your next relationship.

Learn from your last relationships. This can stop you from making the same mistakes. But it can also remind you about the good things that did work. So you can make sure that The New You is going to be more happier and more comfortable in their next relationship.

The New You is around the corner. You are already on your way there!

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