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When your self-confidence has been crushed, it can be hard to find it again. You can read articles, books and do courses on how best to improve it. These all help. But in order for them to work you need to be open inside, to be open to learn and boost your confidence. Self-Confidence does come from within. You are the only person that knows yourself and can start that path to recover your confidence.


 8 Ways To Boost Your Self-Confidence


1) Look After Your Appearance

It goes without saying, that if you look after yourself, you will start loving yourself more. Do not be critical about how you look. All you need to do is dress for the right occasion. If it is casual day, go casual. When you are going for an interview, dress smart. If you are going out partying, jazz it up a bit. Wear what you are comfortable in. It does not have to be designer brands or the latest look. But something you feel yourself when you are wearing it. Wear clothes, that represent yourself and you will feel more confident inside. This will then show outside as well.




2) Think In A Positive Way

It is very easy to feel ground down by all demands and stresses of each day. But when you think in a positive way, you have a whole new approach on life. Not only do you look calmer on the outside, but your body is at ease inside, which means you will stay healthy. You will attract positive things to you, such as opportunities, people and situations. When you are negative and down in the dumps, nothing positive comes your way. In fact the only thing that does, is more disappointment, failure and negativity. Make a conscious effort to remain positive. Things will work themselves out, in ways you least expect.




3) Be Honest About Your Feelings

Set 30 minutes aside one day and write answers to these 4 questions. When do you feel happy?  What makes you angry? What happens when you feel annoyed? Which situations or people make you laugh?

When you have the answers to these questions, you can start working on both the good and bad. Concentrate on the things in your life that make you feel happy and the ones that make you laugh. Look at the things that make you feel angry. Change this anger into something more positive. Try to not do or get involved in the things that make you feel annoyed. It is not always possible to avoid certain situations and people. But how you deal with it and the feelings you have, can make a big change in your life and make you feel more self-confident.

4) Be more prepared

Being prepared, helps you feel confident in many different situations. Doing the donkey work before an event, might feel like a lot of hard work. But if you put the effort in and prepare yourself, you will feel calm and confident in any given situation.
For example, when you go for an interview, you are being assessed by the company, to see if you capable of doing the job. If they start asking you questions and you have to sit and think first…you are definitely not prepared. They do not want somebody who has not put in the time and effort to prepare for the interview. If you have done the preparation, you can sit there and answer all their questions in a composed manner. Even if you still get a tricky question, taking more time on one question is still better than them all!


5) Set goals

Goal setting is an important part in building your self-confidence. In order for you to see progression, you need a start and finish point. Make a list of Goals for what you would like to achieve, related to improving your self-confidence. After you have written your goals down, write down next to them where you are now. Every month, go make to your Goal List and see how far you have improved.


6) Try something new

When your self-confidence is low it can affect you in many areas of your life. For example, you might be nervous to try anything new, that could be difficult for you. Or you get nervous in a room with a lot of people. Do not let your self-confidence hold you back. Go for it! Trying something new, could end up being a fantastic new career for you. Or an exciting hobby. Or even having the opportunity to make some new friends.
Fancy further education, for instance? Here is a link to another article on The Leslie Link, which gives advice on ways to educate yourself.





7) Exercise

Remember when I said at the beginning about being open, to become more confident. One of the best things you can do is exercise. It does not have to be high intensity, hardcore aerobics. But something gentle, such as walking in the fresh air. When you are moving and exercising the body, this in turn relaxes your mind. When you exercise regular, even 30 minutes a day, you will start to feel more energised, healthy and toned. This will make you feel good with yourself. Making you more determined to keep pushing forward and gaining more confidence. Here is a link to an article that discusses how gentle exercise can help you achieve success.

8) Be gentle to yourself

Like the sign says. You were born to be real. Not to be perfect. We are all told what we should eat, drink, wear etc. on a daily basis. The best way is…be yourself. If you have a bad day and you do something “wrong”. Go easy. Be gentle to yourself. Learn to love yourself and you will find that this will build your self-confidence so much. Try not to criticise yourself inside your head. Be your best friend to yourself. Look after yourself, as if you were a little egg and you are being so very gentle, so that you do not break the fragile shell. It works 🙂
So what are you waiting for? Start on a couple of these ways right now, to boost your self-confidence and start seeing the results.  Enjoy!


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