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Sometimes we end up having a bad day.  It is easy for us to carry on in a bad mood and label it as a bad day. But would it not be better if we could change a bad day into a good day? Here are 5 Ways to help you do that, next time you have “one of those days” 🙂




5 Ways To Change A Bad Day Into A Good Day



1) Listen to Music

Listening to music not only relaxes you but can you put into a great mood straight away. Select one of your favourite tunes and you right into your happy zone.  Then select more of the songs you like and the next thing you know, time will have stood still. You will view the rest of the day in a more positive frame of mind.




2) Exercise

Exercise is anything, as long as you moving. If you have some spare time, get yourself to the gym and have a good workout. Or go to the swimming pool and make some lengths, as many as you can.  Have an afternoon spare, get those walking boots on and go for a hike. Even if you have only 15 mins, a short walk around the area in the fresh air, will do you the world of good.

Here are some more ideas of exercises to do:

3) Offload To A Good Friend

A good friend is always there for you. Reach out to them and ask when they have a spare 15 minutes, so you can chat to them and tell them about your bad day. They will listen to you and then reassure you that the day will get better. They may even have some suggestions on things you can do, that you have not thought of yourself. They know you 🙂



4) Do Something for Somebody – Without Expecting Anything Back

What better way to forget your bad day. Go and help somebody else who needs it. Do something for somebody, without expecting anything back in return. Not only are you helping somebody who does need your help, you will find your perspective on your day is now different. Was it as bad as you thought it was?
It will make you happier overall. Check out this article from The Guardian, that goes into more detail.



5) Watch Something That Makes You Laugh

It might seem obvious, but when you are having a bad day, it may not even cross your mind. Go hunt out that favourite film or video that makes you laugh. Watch it and relax. After you have laughed a few times, you will be feeling like the day is changing into a good day. The added bonus is that you have watched something that makes you laugh once again! 🙂


Remember that you can make the change that is necessary.

If you need to do it, go ahead and do it!



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