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To lose weight can be challenging for everybody. It is a goal we want to achieve for our own personal health. But there always seem to be so many obstacles in the way.

Keeping motivated is one the most common obstacles that we have to face. We start losing the weight. People start to notice and we receive compliments. We find our clothes are starting to fit. We have more energy. Life is good!

Then we get complacent. The carbohydrates increase, as we order “just the one pizza for the weekend”. Our exercise routine is broken, as we have to do extra hours at work. The list goes on. I have been there many a time, as I am sure you have as well.

But there is a way to counter all this and give yourself a head start and support yourself, so that you can lose weight. Master these motivational tips, so you can feel empowered to keep going.


5 Motivational Tips To Help You Lose Weight

Lose Weight - The Leslie Link - Take a record


Keep A Record Of What You Eat

I managed to get to my “goal weight” with Weight Watchers, many years ago. I am sure it was because I had to write everything I ate on a tracker sheet. When you can see in black and white, how much you consume in a day, it makes you think. If you feel bold enough, have a go now! Write down everything you ate yesterday. It certainly puts it into perspective.

Whatever diet or healthy eating plan you follow. Start writing everything down. It will keep you on track and motivate you to stick to your weight loss plan.

Check out this Free Weight Loss Guide from the NHS. You can download a 12 week, diet and exercise plan for free!


Lose Weight - The Leslie Link - Be Realistic

Be Realistic

We are all bombarded with images in magazines and on the television. Showing us the latest fashions and styles, modelled by beautiful men and women. Nobody is perfect. With the advancements in technology, we cannot always be sure, that what we see, is always true.

Look at your body shape and take into account your age and your health. Make sure you select a realistic goal weight. If you are honest with yourself and select a weight that is achievable healthy, you will reach it. If you select one that is unrealistic, it will be impossible to feel motivated in the long run.

Joanna Soh explains on her excellent video, the different body types and the types of exercises that we can do.


Treat Yourself At Different Stages

There is no better way to motivate yourself, than to have something to look forward to. 🙂 At different Stages during your weight loss plan, make sure you arrange something just for you.

Perhaps you love massages or like spa days. Maybe you have had your eye on a dress or a suit for a while, but have not been able to fit in it. Go for it! Buy it! You have lost weight and reached your goal. You deserve it. This is pure motivation, as you are rewarding yourself with things you love.

Keep setting these mini treats as you lose weight. The ultimate is to set a fantastic treat when you reach the final target.


Lose Weight - The Leslie Link - 5 Motivational Tips

Do An Exercise That You Love

In order to lose weight, we all know it is best to do exercise alongside a healthy diet. But what most of us forget to consider, is the exercise that we actually do. If you want to keep motivated it is imperative that you select an exercise that you love.

If you are like me, you have probably tried lots of different types of exercises over the years. Consequently, I have a pretty good idea what exercises I love to do. Walking and Yoga are my thing. Circuit training and running are definitely not 🙂

Selecting your favourite exercises will ensure that you enjoy exercising and will lose weight. You will always feel motivated to exercise. Do not make the mistake of doing something you only like every now and then.

Lose Weight - The Leslie Link - Be Positive

Be Positive

Being positive goes hand in hand with being motivated.

If you think you will not lose weight, you probably will not.

Of course it is hard to remain positive when you have weighed yourself and found that you have not lost any weight. It is also difficult to accept, when you lose weight in certain areas of your body, but not the areas where you wanted to lose it.

But the trick with all of this…is to keep going. Remain positive! This week was not your week, but next week will be.

Always look for the positive and eliminate the negative.


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  • I really appreciate your tip to select a realistic weight goal so you can stay motivated. My wife and I have been thinking of losing some weight, but we both aren’t very active people. I will be sure to tell my wife that if we don’t exercise, we won’t be able to really lose as much!

    • Sally says:

      Hi Mark, Thank you for your comments! Great that you and are wife are making steps to exercise and lose weight. Please feel free to Subscribe for Free to The Leslie Link, to receive more motivational posts. Thanks once again for getting in touch! Kind regards, Sally.

  • You mentioned that we should treat ourselves at different stages. It makes sense that we should do this because it will motivate us and give us something to look forward to when we achieve something, as you said. My husband and I want to start losing weight because my sister is getting married next year. We will see a lot of old families, and we want to look our best! I’ll look for a weight loss program near us so we can get the project kickstarted soon.

    • Sally - The Leslie Link says:

      Hi Kate, Thanks for your comments! Sounds like a very exciting event next year. Great that you are feeling motivated to lose weight. Yes, treats are something to look forward to and can certainly keep you on track. I am sure that you and your husband will start enjoying and feeling the benefits, as you start your weight loss program. Please feel free to subscribe to The Leslie Link to get the latest motivational posts to help you. I am also releasing a book on Amazon in March this year, that focuses on motivation when you are losing weight. Thanks again for your comments and I wish you and your husband the best of luck! Kind regards, Sally.

  • Great article, please post more blogs in this format.

    • Sally - The Leslie Link says:

      Thanks for your positive feedback Garry! Please feel free to Subscribe to The Leslie Link for the latest news and posts! Kind regards, Sally.

  • I thank you for sharing this informative article. It’s really hard to lose weight anyway, but if you are determined and you have a goal to lose your weight there is no impossible with that. Your post is very helpful and you’ve shared a lot of ideas. Proper diet and exercise can help you to lose weight and of course, as what you have mentioned being positive don’t lose hope to lose your weight. Great post!

    • Sally - The Leslie Link says:

      Thank you for your great comments! Completely agree, being positive is a key factor. I will be releasing a book in March which goes into this in more detail 🙂 Please feel free to Subscribe to The Leslie Link for free for the latest news and posts! Thank you once again, Kind regards, Sally.

  • I’ve been trying lose weight, but I’ve been having a hard time sticking to my routine as I haven’t seen any results, just felt slightly better. It was helpful when you mentioned that I should treat myself at different stages of weight loss, as it will help keep me determined. I also think that going to a spa may be a good idea, as stress can be a big factor in losing and gaining weight.

    • The Leslie Link says:

      Hi Taylor, Thank you for your comments and glad that the post helped you! Little treats can certainly help you along the way and keep you motivated. It can take time, but remain positive that you will get there and it will happen. Kind regards, Sally – The Leslie Link. Please Subscribe to The Leslie Link for free for the latest news and posts:)

  • marryclaire says:

    This is remarkably very helpful to others that are planning to lose weight. They may need more motivation to succeed. However, just this article provides a simple and short of giving advice on losing weight.

    • The Leslie Link says:

      Hi Marryclaire, Thank you very much for your feedback. Great to hear that it is helpful! Agreed that people may need more motivation along the way, to help them succeed and reach their goal 🙂 Kind regards, Sally

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