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Your 5 Minute Guide

How To Organise Time

You have 5 minute’s right now?

Great! Let’s get started…

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Every day we are always looking to organise time and it seems sometimes that time goes faster every day. This squeezes our day and also our stress levels increase, as we try to do everything we need to do. Have a look at these ideas to help you manage it more effectively. Try one, try two, but whatever you do, make sure you give it a go. You will be be amazed how much time you can save for yourself, by organising a few small things.


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Plan Your Meals Ahead

How many times have you finished work, arrived at home and thought “I’m too tired too cook!…” We have all been there. If you start planning your meals ahead, you will make sure that you have the food ready at home to cook. You will save time thinking about what to make each day.

Step it up to another level…make double the amount you need and then you can freeze the rest of the meal, for another day. Not only are you saving time, but you will resist the urge to order a take away.


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Start Earlier In The Morning

Getting up earlier in the morning, has so many health benefits. Check out this article from Health Fitness Revoulution, that goes into more details about the benefits you can gain.

If I start the day earlier, it ensures that I am still doing everything I always do, but I finish it all a lot faster 🙂

I love this time of day when it is quiet and nobody is around. You can almost feel like the planet is for you. This is the time when I am my most creative and my thoughts are clear. I always found this strange at first, as I felt I was more a night person. But everything time I decide to get up earlier, I notice it helps me in so many ways. Give it a go!


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Use The Time Spent Waiting

How often in our lives do we go somewhere and we have to wait?

The Dentist, the Doctor’s, waiting for our kids to come out of school, the supermarket checkout ? Count up all this time that you spend waiting for things… It’s quite surprising how many hours we can waste waiting.

Use this time. Make a list of things you need to do.  Write a list for the supermarket. Check your personal emails all in one go, to see if there is anything urgent. Finish that chapter in your book that you have been wanting to finish for ages.

Think about all those 30 minute items that you need to do. I am sure you can complete one now, while you are waiting 🙂


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Gone are the days when we pick up the bulky receiver and give somebody a call. Now we are all using our mobiles to call our friends and family. I only know of a handful of people now, that do not have a mobile.

But when we have that mobile, it is so easy to send a message via Facebook, or send a text message or a WhatsApp. What happened to calling our family and friends? You spend time typing and rewriting what you were going to say, before you send it. It is so much easier to call somebody you know. Not only is it quicker, you have proper human contact 🙂 Somtimes messages can be read in the wrong way. Make that call and connect!


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Internet Surfing

Be honest…how many hours do you spend every day surfing on the internet? 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, more???

It is great to surf. No more having to go to the library and spend hours sifting through books. Everything we need to know is on the internet. But when you start surfing, the next thing you know, you have 10 tabs open and are considering opening up your 11th. Sometimes you have so many pages open, you cannot even remember what you were looking at first 🙂

But we need to limit the time spent surfing. It is a great way to relax, but ensure that it does not become a habit. Or you may find you are spending over 20 hours a week surfing. Imagine what you could have done with that time…the mind boggles.


Set a deadline for yourself

This might seem a bit weird. But why not? Everybody sets you deadlines at work, but do you ever set yourself one?

Sometimes I am so engrossed in my work, that I forget what the time is, as I am enjoying it so much. But it is important for everybody to balance your free time and your work time. Make sure that you set yourself deadlines. As soon as I started setting myself deadlines, I started working smarter. I make harder decisions faster and stopped procrastination.


Have a go at incorporating these tips into your daily life and organise time straight away!


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