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Time Management Apps can help us with one of the most important aspects of our lives – Time.  If we can manage time, we can become more productive and achieve so much in a day, a year, even a lifetime. When you manage time well, you will find that your life becomes less stressed.  

4 Time Management Apps That Are Free

Deadline - Time Management Apps

1) Time Tracking App – TMetric

Take Notes - Time Management Apps

 2) Evernote

This app is becoming more popular be the day and is a great way to share notes with friends and colleagues.  Not only is it free but you can also access your notes offline from the desktop app. It is also possible to use it for web pages, images and pdf files. Have a go:-
Pomodoro Technique - Time Management App

 3) Focus Booster

This app came from famous Pomodoro Technique, see my article here for a refresher. :-
The Focus Booster will help you maintain focus and manage distractions.  They have a cool dashboard where you can manage your progress. They have a free trial for 30 days. Here is their link:-
Milk - Time Management Apps

4) Remember The Milk

This is a funky To-Do App for busy people. Get your chores out of your head and stick them here. They have a Tour which explains how you can use this great little app.
Make it your goal, to try one of this apps before the end of the month. 
Time is a precious commodity and if you can make it work for you, you will feel the benefit in all areas of your life.

Go ahead and kickstart your productive life now!




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