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We all have mixed feelings about getting older. There are positives and negatives. Luckily, they are different things you can do to stay confident as you get older.

“Getting older is fine. There is nothing you can do to stop it, so you might as well stay on the bus.”

John Byrne

This confidence will help you handle any problems that come your way. Your personal development doesn’t stop when you get older.

If anything, it could be more important, and it can help keep your body and mind healthy.

  1. Remember Your Successes
  2. Listen To Your Body
  3. Try Something Brand New
  4. Take Out The Rubbish

Stay Confident As You Get Older

So, here are four things you can start doing in your life. These little changes will have a significant effect on your confidence.

1. Remember Your Successes

Stay Confident As You Get Older - Remember Your Successes

How old are you now?

In your 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, or older?

It doesn’t matter how old you are. By now, you will have had some successes in life.

Nobody can say their whole life has been a failure. We can’t say that because we all learn from our failures.

The idea is that you learn from your failures and hopefully remember not to do them again.

Remember that horrible feeling when you failed at something that you really wanted. It can hurt.

But think back to when you nearly made the same mistake, and you stopped yourself.

Liberating, huh!

So, start remembering all your successes.

Life is for living.

We all make mistakes, some big, small, silly. But we get there in the end.

Remember your successes on the days your confidence feels low. It can help to put things in perspective and get you firing on all cylinders again.

2. Listen To Your Body


I am in my late 40s and class myself as fit and healthy. I eat well and exercise as often as I can.

But I must admit to days when I have aches and pains.

I am sure you have been there as well.

But as we age, our muscle fibres become less dense.

This change makes muscles less flexible, and that is why we ache more after exercise.

So, the best way to deal with this is to listen to our bodies. We all know when it is time to stop.

Give your body the respect it needs and listen to it.

If you can start listening to your body more, you will select the right exercises for you.

You will also get to know your limits.

It will give you the confidence to carry on working out, but at your optimum pace.

3. Try Something Brand New


We can always learn something new.

It doesn’t matter how old we are.

Try and learn new things regularly. It will help to keep your brain active. It may also ignite a passion inside you that you never knew you had.

Age is not a barrier to learning.

I recently discussed several courses that you can do online, and if you are looking for something completely different, check out

They have some great creative courses, everything from business, crafting, photography or making music.

Here is the other article I mentioned about online classes.

“I like getting older. When you’re in your 20s, you’re really forging for your future. Things take shape later on.”

Crispin Glover

Have a browse and find something that resonates with you.

You could even consider doing something that you wouldn’t normally do. It will help give you a fresh perspective on everything.

Push yourself that little bit more.

4. Take Out The Rubbish


OK. Just to be clear, this doesn’t mean take out the real rubbish.

I mean, take out the rubbish that is in your life.

Please get rid of it.

It will help to build your confidence and save yourself time and stress.

We manage to accumulate a load of rubbish over the years. But amongst all the rubbish are some beautiful gems.

It is hard to see good things when they are surrounded by rubbish.

Check out the photo above. The bin is overflowing.

Feel familiar?

Set sometime aside every week and check everything in your life. What can you get rid of that is not helping you?

When we can clear space for a happier life with less rubbish, your confidence can start to shine through.

Take out the rubbish and feel the difference!

Summary – Stay Confident As You Get Older

When we get older, many things change in our life. But it doesn’t mean we need to let it affect our confidence.

You can stay confident as you get older, you need to move with the change. Embrace your life and enjoy the benefits of getting older!

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