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As always, we find that the year is flashing by so fast. Already we have reached the month of September! Many of us have just returned from our summer holidays are back to college, school, work etc. But there is no reason to have the holiday blues. Start thinking about something new. Maybe something you have always wanted to do, but have never had the confidence to start… Keep hold of that thought and read the following confidence tips on how you can put it into action now!

3 Quick Confidence Tips – To Start Something New In September


Confidence Tip - The Leslie Link - Stop Dreaming

Stop Dreaming About It And Believe It

We all have dreams about what we can do. But what many of us do not realise, is that you can have a go at doing anything (within reason). The key to starting anything new is the belief that it you can do it.

Slowing change your way of thinking and when you feel the belief you will see that situations start moving in the right direction. You will attract like-minded people and opportunities will come your way, that you least expected.


Have A Plan

Confidence Tip - The Leslie Link - Make A Plan


It is all very good telling everybody you are going to do something. But then you start something and it fizzles out, or you realise it was harder than you originally thought. Instead of being caught up in the idea, make sure you have a plan.

Yes…I know what you are thinking…plans are boring.  But without a plan you will lost. With a plan you can monitor your progress and adjust accordingly, if something goes wrong.


Confidence Tip - The Leslie Link - Take Action

Take Action Without Delay

When you have a solid plan, take action without delay! There really is nothing to stop you, only your own concerns and fears. Go for it! 🙂

You will be nervous and lots of negative thoughts may try and enter your head. But brush them aside. You have your belief and confidence. You have your plan. There really is nothing to stop you, except you.


What Will I Be Doing In September?

I am starting two new things in September. One I have done before, but I needed to start again. The second thing is something completely new! I will update you on both, later this month 🙂


Good Luck and let me know what you did, or are planning to do for September?

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